Watersports content awesomeness – 15 articles you may have missed.

Watersports is what and who we are at Exit. We love the ocean, love rivers, lakes and any other stretch of water. If you can float in it or on it then we’re game. It’s why we created the brand and the range of fabulous Exit watersport accessories. It’s also why we publish articles based on our passions. We want to highlight the lifestyle and talk about all the great things that make up the wide world of watersports. But we appreciate you may have missed some of this content. However, have no fear as we’ve rounded it all up in this article below.

Watersports like this is what we're all about
Watersports like this is what we’re all about!

A word on watersport accessories.

Whatever watersport you’re into we’re pretty sure that Exit can supply some essential accessories to help you get and live. The Exit XRail wetsuit hanger, for instance, is a super efficient wetsuit drying system that also helps with wetsuit longevity. Thereby helping us be kinder to the environment and keeping petrochemical product out of landfills.

But it doesn’t stop there. We have other awesome products available, such as the Exit BUX wetsuit change bucket, SUX suction up brail and more. Be sure to check out Exit’s online shop here for more watersports good stuff.

Surfing is one of our go to watersport disciplines.

As watersports go surfing is a classic. There’s nothing quite like riding waves on your stick. And we love it. We always have. Check out the surfing related articles from Exit here.

Foiling – wing foiling, SUP foiling, downwind foiling and more!

Foiling and flying above water is another watersport we’re particularly fond of. Exit head honcho Kieran loves a spot of kite and wing foiling. And we hear that downwind foiling is next on the agenda. These articles talk about the art of foiling and should prick the interest of anyone already into foiling or looking to get involved.

Stand up paddle boarding goodness.

Stand up paddle boarding is something that absolutely loads of people indulge in. The pandemic saw a huge explosion in paddle boarding numbers with seemingly everyone getting hold of a SUP. Whilst things have calmed down a little standing and paddling still hold plenty of interest. And the discipline’s versatility is broad.

Kids and family watersport fun.

Here at Exit we have families too. And we know just how much fun it can be introducing your wee ones and getting them into watery sports. As with all this, there’re many ways to go. If you’re already into a specific watersport then that’ll probably be the chosen discipline you get your sprogs involved with. There’s nothing quite so fulfilling as watching your kids get the bug.

Watersport accessories and wetsuit care.

Whilst we talk about watersports disciplines we also talk about the products you use. More specifically wetsuits and wetsuit care. Exit’s range of accessories have been created to help you get out and live. They’re designed with efficiency in mind as well as sustainability. Increasing wetsuit longevity and keeping petrochemical products, like wetsuits, out of landfill is a priority of ours. These articles talk about wetsuit care.

Summing up.

The above is just a smattering of the watersports content to be found on the Exit blog. Moving forwards we’ll be adding more. So watch this space. If there’s something specific you’d like to see please feel free to get in touch.

Be sure to check out the full list of watersport accessories in the online shop here.

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