Wetsuit hanger accessory the HUX now back in stock! Helping to reduce fishing net pollution.

Wetsuit hangers and accessories come in many different types. However, the HUX wetsuit hanger accessory is very different from what you’d normally find. Designed to be used in tandem with the Exit XRail the HUX is made from recycled fishing nets so is 100% sustainable and environmentally friendly.

The XRail wetsuit hanger and HUX.

Exit’s XRail wetsuit hanger is a superior performance-orientated drying hanger that not only gets your rubber moisture-free quickly it’ll keep your suit intact for longer. Avoiding chucking wetsuits away and them ending up in landfill unnecessarily is one of our priorities.

The XRail is incredibly versatile, with lots of ways to hang – anywhere! Adding the HUX gives even more options. Here at Exit, we like to design and manufacture complimentary items that can be fully integrated to the whole Exit eco-system. And the HUX does this well.

What’s the HUX?

Simply put the Exit HUX wetsuit hanger accessory is a reclaimed and repurposed fishing net that can be looped around anything you see fit. The HUx then affixes to the XRail and can be tightened via a toggle to keep it all together.

The HUX wetsuit hanger accessory for the XRail.

Then simply drape your wetsuit over the XRail and hang it up where there’s a suitable static point. You can also still add your other wetsuit bits (gloves, boots and hood).

Fishing net pollution.

Fishing nets are a necessary tool for our fishing industries. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to catch fish. Unfortunately, they can also cause a problem – both on land and in the sea.

Humanity produces around 430 million tonnes of plastic waste each year globally. Abandoned, lost and discarded fishing nets equate to the most deadly marine waste experts suggest. Threatening 66% of marine animals. Plus, a good many used fishing nets end up in landfill on land. Sea birds are also threatened by the fishing net pollution problem. Read more about the issue here.

Exit and sustainability.

With all Exit watersports products we try and design in a eco-friendly and sustainable way. Seeing the need for an additional, complimentary way to hang up the XRail wetsuit hanger we came up with the HUX.

We also identified that we could hand make the HUX from old fishing nets. This ticks the box of sustainability and highlights a way the watersports industry could offset some of its carbon footprint. And still end up with a functional and usable product. Read more about Exit’s sustainable approach here.

Summing up.

If you’re looking for even more versatility from your XRail wetsuit hanger then the HUX could provide the solution. Plus, you’ll be helping Mother Nature by removing unwanted fishing nets from the environment.

Check out the HUX and other Exit watersports accessories in the online shop here.

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