Surfing tips – 10 essential points to make your surfing great.

Surfing can be a tricky sport. Especially if you’re just learning or progressing through the early intermediate stages. But fear not! It gets easier – promise. And to make your sur life all the more efficient we’ve cobbled together 10 essential points to make your wave riding all the better. Read on to find out how.

1. Use EXIT’s sustainable wetsuit care system.

The EXIT XRail wetsuit hanger is your first port of call. A hyper efficient, hang anywhere, wetsuit hanger that’s designed with recycled plastic and created to get your wetty moisture free but ensure longevity. Use it in conjunction with the EXIT SUX up rail for even more hanging options.

Combined with the EXIT BUX wetsuit change/carry bucket – which is the biggest of type on the market for easy changing – you’ll be back in the water quick smart. And all the while helping the planet that little bit more.

2. Surf more!

This may sound obvious – and we appreciate it isn’t always possible – but surfing more will get you better at being a surfer. Period. Of course, bad habits can also be compounded if you do the wrong thing too often. But there’s no substitute for getting wet.

Surf more (if you can).

Surfing in lacklustre conditions or onshores should also not be sniffed at. There’s a lot you can learn when it’s less than ideal. And when teh stars do align those sessions will be even sweeter.

3. Get some lessons.

Surf coaching – whatever level you’re at – from a qualified professional is always worth its weight in gold. Many riders get lessons at the start off their surfing journey but then don’t bother later down the path.

A trained instructor will be able to spot any mistakes and help you rectify them. This can fast-track your surfing significantly. As such we’d urge all surfers to give it some thought.

4. Use the right equipment.

By using the right surfing gear you’ll be aiding the learning process but also staying safe. The correct surfboard will help no end. So avoid trendy surfboards that are too high performance. Most surfers get on better with mid-lengths, longboards and shapes designed for waves not so perfect.

The correct wetsuit and wetsuit accessories will also help. As well as protect. A thicker wetsuit in off seasons combined with gloves, boots and hood will prevent hypothermia. Using a product like the EXIT XRail will then have the suit dried quickly and efficiently ready for your next session.

5. Use a cross training tool like a surf skate.

If you’re unable to get to the coast often then using a cross training tool like a surf skate could help you keep on top of your surfing game. The hyper manoeuvrability of a surf skateboard mimics surfing and can help develop your skills.

A surf skate can be a good cross training tool.

Skating has always had a synergy with surfing. And surf skates bring rolling on fours back to the roots of what skateboarding once was. You don’t need to be throwing yourself down stairs to enjoy the sport.

6. Surf with others better than you.

Surfing with better skilled riders is another way to help you learn. Being in the water next to these riders you can see how they do things which can be gleaned. Adopting some of these techniques – as long as they’re not too random – could help you progress.

At the very least surfing with others will help build confidence as well as raise those enjoyment levels.

7. Challenge yourself.

Challenging yourself when surfing could be anything. It could be the types of conditions you aim to tackle. Stepping up your wave size and power (within reason) can help you reach that next level. Alternatively, you may decide to try a new, higher performance surfboard.

Challenge yourself when next surfing.

The biggest tip with challenging yourself is to overcook things too much. Staying safe and having fun are the two most important things after all.

8. Keep surfing fun.

Sometimes no matter how much you try teh surfing thing just isn’t happening. It could be your sessions are plagued with onshores. Or it’s just flat. In which case you need to broaden your mind and switch things around.

Keep things fun.

We know plenty of wave riders who use craft like bellyboards, hand planes and even just their body to surf. If the waves are junk then this can provide much respite and keep the sport enjoyable. If you’re in the brine, loving it, then do it.

9. Get your family surfing.

There’s nothing quite like introducing your kids (if you have them) to surfing. Even at a young messing about in the froth and seeing them get involved can be extremely rewarding. Plus, as they grow older they may be able to accompany you to the line up.

Family surfing and watersports - 5 activities to get involved with this season. #1
Nothing beats surfing with your kids.

And if the whole family surfs – mum, dad and kids – then you’re onto a real winner. At the very least convincing your crew to go on a surf trip becomes much easier.

10. Head off on an overseas surf trip.

Overseas surf trips can be a great way to refresh and revitalise your surfing. If you’re bummed out with riding the same old breaks at home getting gone can serve to help restoke the surfing fire.

Overseas surf trips with the family can tick many boxes.

Many types of surf trips exist. You could choose to go on a surf camp where everything is taken care of for you. Or head off on your own with a few mates to discover things yourself. However you choose to do it your surfing will be all the better for it.

Summing up.

Surfing is a life long pursuit with many different things to learn and gain experience of. Enjoy the journey and feel the stoke every time you catch a wave. Get out and there and live and love your surfing!

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