Wetsuit hanger alternative – 7 reasons the EXIT Xrail is a winner!

Wetsuit hanger alternatives aren’t that many. You have the familiar, tried and tested wetsuit hangers but there’s nothing different available. Is there? Step forward the EXIT XRail wetsuit hanger. A unique design crafted with great wetsuit drying efficiency in mind. As well as an environmentally friendly angle which also knocks onto wallet friendly performance.

Why use a wetsuit hanger?

Anybody who surfs or participates in watersports will know how tricky it can be to dry your wetsuit post-session. Committed riders tend to have more than one suit for this very reason. Even after a day or so of being aired wetsuits can be damp and soggy. And nobody likes getting into a moisture clogged wetsuit – at any time of year.

Using a wetsuit hanger (one that’s been properly designed with drying in mind) is a way to get rid of all that wet and have your suit ready for the next session. Whether surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, paddle boarding, kayaking, foiling or other a decent wetsuit hanger – like the Exit XRail is a worthwhile investment.

The XRail wetsuit hanger’s positive environmental impact.

Some hangers are absolutely tip top. Many, however, serve to stretch and cause misshaping with your wetsuit. Stretched neoprene, over time, won’t go back to its original shape. Even more so if you own a premium wetsuit with exotic material manufacturing.

XRail wetsuit hanger on SUX
With the Xrail wetsuit hanger you can hang your suit anywhere.

Wetsuits like this are fabulous to wear. But they’re not cheap. So it stands to reason wearers should be doing everything they can to prolong the life of their wetsuit. This will keep rubber out of landfill and stop petrochemical products (which wetsuits are, unfortunately) impacting the planet negatively. Plus, it’s more cost effective for you, the rider.

EXIT Watersports’ XRail hanger.

EXIT Watersports’ XRail wetsuit hanger alternative was created by Kieran Sammon. An engineer by trade, Kieran’s eye for design is tangible. Also, being a keen kitesurfer, wing foiler, paddle boarder and all round watersports nut means he has a personal interest in products like this. Plus, he understands the wants and needs of board riders on a practical level.

Not willing to just put out any old product, Kieran spent considerable time getting the XRail design right. As a wetsuit hanger alternative the XRail looks and performs completely differently to anything else on the market. Read on to find out more about the EXIT Xrail and why it’s a real winner!

1. The Xrail won’t stretch your wetsuit.

As already mentioned one of the biggest issues with wetsuit drying hangers is that they stretch neoprene. Those that don’t often aren’t able to let the air circulate and ventilate your wetsuit. 

Crafted especially with ventilation and efficient hanging in mind the XRail allows moisture to evaporate quickly and won’t damage your expensive wetty. The efficiency of the XRail is right up there.

2. Your wetsuit’s lifespan will be extended.

Extending the lifespan of your wetsuit is a good thing. With costs of watersports equipment neve on the cheap side a wallet friendly solution to wetsuit longevity is always going to be welcome.

And there’s that positive environmental element we’ve talked about above. We’re super keen to see less harm caused to the planet by watersports. So keeping rubber out of landfill is a big win in our book.

3. Hang it anywhere.

One of the unique design traits of the XRail is the ability to affix the rail anywhere and dry your wetsuit whatever the circumstances you find yourself in. A cantilevered design it can attach to any upright. The additional SUX suction cup upright gives even more options. 

Being able to hang the XRail anywhere means you can dry your wetsuits and wetsuit accessories out in the open or indoors. There’s so much versatility with the XRail you’ll never be left with a soggy wetsuit ever again.

4. Made 100% from recycled plastic.

The XRail wetsuit hanger alternative is made 100% from recycled plastic. On top of which is our minimalist approach to packaging. We’re also plastic free. This means no unnecessary waste when you purchase from EXIT Watersports.

Without sounding holier than thou any brand working in the surfing and watersports space should be doing all they can to help the environment. Plastic pollution is no secret. Here at EXIT we’re really trying to do all we can to offset negative environmental impacts.

5. Hanger width is key.

Designed with more width the EXIT Watersports XRail has extra girth when compared to other wetsuit drying hangers. This was a conscious decision so as to not have your wetsuit creased at the waist.

As soon as your wetsuit creases the suit’s performance lessens. In practice, this means it won’t be as warm as when new. And the rubber will start to break down leading to less lifespan.

6. Even weight distribution and drying.

When you hang your suit the wetsuit hanger should distribute the rubber’s weight evenly. Unfortunately, not all hangers do this. The XRail, however, does. This means no unnecessary weight loading on the suit itself which leads to stretching and deforming.

xrail wetsuit hanger by exit watersports
Hang your wetsuits anywhere!

The described also means air can flow evenly and dry your wetsuit efficiently.

7. Hexagonal construction for better ventilation.

Looking at the EXIT Watersports XRail you’ll notice the unique hexagonal construction. Not only does this give the product a unique aesthetic. It also serves a specific purpose during the wetsuit drying process.

Promoting air flow and faster wetsuit drying times these cells will help get riders back on/in the water sooner. And all without losing comfort.

Summing up.

Wetsuit hangers are abundant, as we’ve already said. But not all wetsuit drying hangers are like the EXIT Watersports XRail. In looks and performance what you get with the XRail is something completely unique that offers a real wetsuit hanger alternative. Your suit will thank you for using it> And you’ll be thankful for a dry wetsuit the next time you head afloat.

For more on the XRail and other EXIT Watersports products check out the online shop here.

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