Watersports brand EXIT ready to launch the #1 XTend range.

Watersports accessories come in many shapes and forms. For a while now watersports accessories brand EXIT has been associated with the wetsuit hanger and wetsuit care market. However, as EXIT founder Kieran Sammon has always maintained his vision of EXIT was always much broader than this. Which brings us to the EXIT Xtend range. A recent teaser social media video which you can see here recently dropped.

Tell us where the idea for the XTend range came from?

It all started in late 2020 when I started talking to a materials specialist, who now is part of the Exit team (Nickolay). While I was looking at developing a helmet for watersports (still in the works), we came across the windchill blocking material, now called XTend and saw the potential for it to be used for watersports. 

What does the XTend range include?

We are about to launch a top and hood with gloves still in development.

The XTend watersports accessory top prototype testing.

What makes the XTend windchill blocker, hood and gloves unique?

The idea behind the material is it stops wind effect evaporation which sucks heat from the body. By stopping this from happening the XTend range helps you keep a higher core temperature. And XTends your session and enjoyment. Hence the name.

How long have you been working on the XTend watersports accessories product range?

We started developing the material further to work for our needs in 2021. We call our material XTend as it is designed to extend your water time.

How does the XTend fit in and complement the existing range of EXIT gear?

The current range looks after your gear, the XTend range is designed to look after the user.

We assume XTend watersports accessories products have been designed and produced with the usual EXIT sustainable model in mind?

While we are working on making the materials as sustainable as possible, we can’t always maintain a sustainable aspect for the materials for them to achieve the technical needs. But one benefit is that you don’t need a second thicker wetsuit as putting the XTend top over say your 4/3mm makes it work as well as a 5/4mm. It also protects your wetsuit from UV and friction damage.

EXIT’s XTend watersports accessory hood.

So in an associated way lends itself to sustainability.

Are we likely to see more watersports accessories and equipment added to the EXIT watersports accessory catalogue?

Yes! We are going on a new take on a change robe (XOver robe), helmet and glove for personal protection. A surfboard travel system and a waterproof car seat cover are also in the works.

If so, any other teasers you can drop?

The XOver robe will be pretty cool. I’m really looking forward to showing that soon.

EXIT XTend products, in tandem with the XRail, BUX, SUX, FYX and so on sets the brand apart from others in similar markets. Was this a conscious decision?

Yes. We aim to be better and create new ideas or make better products such as the XRail wetsuit hanger.

Anything else you want to add about the EXIT XTend range?

We have been working on it for a long time now and we hope the end user loves it as much as we do.

Finally, what’s the official launch date?

TBC, still making some final tweaks to the material, but it will be in the next few months.

The XTend material also protects you from 99% UV rays, so can also be used without a wetsuit for summer sun protection.

Stay tuned to the EXIT Facebook, Instagram and blog feeds for more info on the above. To see the current range of EXIT products hit up the online shop here.