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Watersports Accessories

Looking for an alternative to a traditional wetsuit hanger?

XRail Wetsuit Hanger by EXIT, the secret to making your wetsuit, hood, gloves and boots last longer.

The XRail Wetsuit Hanger is a revolutionary new tool that eliminates the strain traditional hangers put on the neck and shoulders of a wetsuit when drying. So new wetsuits stay feeling new and old wetsuits keep kicking.

XRail complements

XRail wetsuit hanger on HUX

HUX - Hang Up XRail

Hang XRail anywhere

HUX allows to hang the XRail in even more ways.

Repurposed fishing net

HUX is made from repurposed fishing net which has been reclaimed from the ocean.

XRail wetsuit hanger on SUX

SUX - Suction Up XRail

XRail Adaptor

For tile, glass or the side of your van or car.

Hang XRail off any smooth surface

Specifically designed as a complement to the XRail.


Wetsuit care products from EXIT watersports - the Basic Bundle

BUX - Wetsuit Change Bucket

Better and more practical than any changing mat or wetbag!

Biggest wetsuit change bucket on the market – with a capacity of 70l!

FYX Neoprene an wesuit repair kit

FYX - Neoprene Repair Kit

For those on the spot wetsuit repairs of punctures, nicks and cuts!

Comes in a unique reusable bamboo tube which is environmentally sustainable.